I have a lifelong passion for amplifying voices that must be heard. I have forged a unique— albeit zigzag—path to the NOW.

I believe stories make the world go round; they are as vital as the blood running through our veins. Would our stories be as rich if we did not travel? Would our lives be as interesting if we were all the same? Born into a multicultural family, I spent my youth traveling between the Caribbean and the Southeastern United States. With stories in abundance (and in different dialects), I studied Social Anthropology at Harvard University to help make sense of it all. Over the course of a two-year internship in medical science writing and editing at the Ender’s Research Division of Children’s Hospital (Boston), an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, I studied the genetics of heart disease in children in large Irish and French families, and got my first taste of publicity and my first byline! The importance of the narrative in understanding disease, illness, and the recovery process fueled my passion for language, experiencing other cultures, and transformative writing.

Those who dare to cross borders and share their “riches” (stories) with others deserve specialized support. This is the basic premise at the core of my activity in publishing. From a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Harvard professor to those who struggle with literacy (but find themselves in the spotlight), I have over 25 years of experience in editing (substantive and copyediting) of manuscripts, planning and executing media and book tours, and other niche author events. My allies and I are finding innovative ways to provide these services in the digital and Covid19 age.

Always looking ahead, I look forward to wearing the mantle of publisher and publishing content of an inspirational nature in the Eleventh Hour Publishing space. Why “Eleventh Hour?” Well, it’s never too late to find inspiration and, quite often, it does, as the saying goes, come in the eleventh hour. And the number itself —11–has long been considered the number of inspiration, invention, illumination, justice, and, last but certainly not least, EQUILIBRIUM.

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